About Us

The Northeast of India personifies unity in diversity in the truest sense of the world. Major industries, huge power generation capacities, high literacy levels and immense purchasing power of the people make Assam a market with great potential, more so as Guwahati is the gateway to the entire Northeast.

G. L. Publications Limited is equipped with massive infrastructure and the latest state of the art printing and technology. It has provided the best reproduction and reach to all its advertising clients for almost thirty years. It is the proud publisher of the four respected daily newspapers that are circulated in Assam, Meghalaya and the other neighbouring states as well.

Aamar Asom – The premier Assamese daily enjoys leadership in A1 and A+ segment with a circulation of more than 89000 copies daily, is simultaneously published from Guwahati and Jorhat. This is the right vehicle for print advertising throughout Assam in all the segments.

Purvanchal Prahari – The first North East Hindi daily, the undisputed leader in its segment, the core economic group (the decision maker) readers Purvanchal Prahari. The daily has a circulation of 39000 copies and provides unmatched reach within this community. It is the leading Hindi daily for 32 years.

Meghalaya Guardian – The English daily enjoys a readership of almost 50000. The ideal vehicle toreach out to your target market in Meghalaya particularly Shillong, Jowai and Garo Hills.

The North East Times – The North East Times is the second largest English daily with over a lac readers. This is also the daily much sought after by the decision makers, policy planners and intellectuals bureaucrats.

The G. L. Publication group is deeply involved in social activities through its social wing called GLP Social Circle and it is known to shoulder its responsibilities of charity in times of regional and national calamities. The only hearse (dead body carrying vans) fleet is run by GLPSC and covers the entire north east and even states of Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal at rates which are not a burden on the common man.